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Christopher Drake


It all started when I swapped Catering College for Art College and started a 2 year Photography course. Then I had a dream start to my career and got a job as a Photographer's Assistant at Vogue Studios in London's West End. I was there for 3 years working with a variety of World renoun photographers including  David Bailey,  Snowdon, Toscani and Willie Christie. I even worked with Cecil Beaton at one stage! Most of the work was for publications such as House & Garden, Vogue and Brides. 


When the studios closed, I took the jump and went freelance, assisting many of the same photographers I had worked with at the     studio, During this time I started to get my own commisions building sets and photographing for Conde Nast Publications. This lead to the opening of my own large studio in Battersea. As my work and career progressed I continued to expand the portfolio of magazines I worked with to include Homes & Garden, Country Living, Good House Keeping, Country Homes and Interiors, The World of Interiors, Victoria (USA) among others. I was also commissioned by clients such as Sanderson, Jane Churchill, Zoffany and Vaughan Lighting.


As the photography industry moved from room sets more towards location based shoots, so did I, selling the studio in the process. My work flourished on location and I've shot for many books by publishers such as Ryland Peters and Small and CICO.


After living and working in Norfolk for 9 years up till 2021 we are now in Hampshire closer to the ever increasing family. Still shooting which I love. 

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